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Abrasive Blast Cleaning, usually known as sandblasting, shot blasting or grit blasting is the process of cleaning metals by propelling an abrasive at the surface using compressed air. We mainly use recycled chilled iron grit propelled at speeds to up to 200 mph to remove rust, mill scale and any existing coatings from the substrate. It also creates a surface profile to encourage adhesion to a specific type of paint or coating to be introduced to the surface. For aluminium or stainless steel etc, the blasting process is conducted using non-ferrous blasting media such as Glass bead or aluminium oxide.


Spongeblasting provides sustainable, safe, environmentally responsible and superior surface preparation.

This process can save time, has increased plant and equipment reliability, protects a sensitive environment, can increase coating life and reduce total project cost owing to a reduction of waste material over abrasive blasting.

It is suitable for general corrosion projects, production oriented facilities, unique substrates or challenging environments by reducing damaging ricochet in addition to achieving near perfect operator visibility - and the reduction of waste of up to 96% together with up to 98% hazardous dust reduction can yield savings in almost all aspects of a project.

Considered by many to be the best choice in low dust blasting or dustless blasting, Sponge-jet produces 98% less dust than traditional abrasive blasting.

Utilising Sponge-jet media,  a line of composite abrasives has been developed incorporating the best abrasives or micro abrasive particles within high performance synthetic sponge.

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Livingstone Surface Treatments Ltd was established in 1975 by husband and wife partnership Michael and Barbara Livingstone as Power Cleaning Services. Soon we became an established on-site shotblasting and painting contractors also specialising in high pressure water jetting.

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